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Witchy offers from Cottage Retreat Spa & Salon

Specials for WitchFest October 2018                                                             

Witches and Warlock’s Spa Salon & Barber Shop Services in the “Man Cave”

 Extended Hours for Witches Night Out Oct 12th, 13th, 27th & 28th 10 am to 10 PM, All regular Services avaialble all Day and Night!

Face Painting                                                                                                $5 and up                                          

Witchy Nails with Decals                                                                               $7
Choice of 2colors of polish, 2 decals, top coat. 

Witchy Toes                                                                                                   $12

Foot soak, base coat, 2 colors of polish, 2 decals & top coat. 

Witchy Manicure                                                                                            $15
Nails are Trimmed, Shaped, Buffed, base coat, 2 colors of Polish, 2 decals & Top coat.         
Warlock Manicure                                                                                         $12
Nails are Trimmed, Shaped, Buffed, & Matte or Shiny top coat, optional.     
Witchy Pedicure                                                                                            $25
Foot Soak, Nails Trimmed, Shaped, Buffed, lotion, 2 Colors of Polish, 2 decals & Top Coat.
Warlock Pedicure                                                                                          $20
Foot Soak, Nails Trimmed, Shaped, Buffed, lotion, Matte or Shiny top coat, optional.                                             
Witchy Hair                                                                                                   $20+
 Simple Style on dry short hair with back combing, spiders, glitter, Tinsel and/or webs etc.. Med and Long hair will be an additional charge.     

Witchy Makeup                                                                                             $25
Eye shadow, blush, lip color, mascara & eyeliner or Strip Lash application w/ purchase of Lashes                            
False Strip Lash Application                                                                         $10
with the purchase of fashion or black strip lashes                                                                            

Wee Witchy Makeover                                                                                 $35+

For witches 12 and under, Witchy Hair, Witchy Make-Up & Witchy Nails w/ 2 decals.

Witchy Makeover                                                                                        $60+
Witchy Hair, Witchy Makeup w/ black strip lashes, & Witchy Nails with 2 Decals                                                                      
Witchy & Warlock Chair Massage                                                                $1 per Min 

 5, 10, 15 20 min 

Witchy & Warlock Hands or Feet Reflexology                                           $1 per Min 

 10 or 15 Min                                                      

Appointments are recommended, walk ins are welcome with availability of staff, Appointments and Regular Spa services have priority. All Witchy Services are mini express services customized for this event, for a listing of our Regular Spa and Salon Services visit or ask for a brochure.
Witchy & Warlock Services are offered the whole month of October!
Not valid with any other discounts, specials or coupons! Expires October 31, 2018




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