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Lashes & Brows - Services

Lash Lift - $69.00 (30-45min)

Curled & Lifted Lashes that Last for Weeks You can ditch the DIY lash curler with just one professional treatment and have a lash lift that is retained, even after a shower or swimming. Can last up to 8 weeks on average. Read More...

Classic Lash Extensions

Lengthen and thicken your lashes without the fuss of mascara. * We do not accept Spa Finders, Coupons, Spa Bucks or any other discounts or specials for the Eye Lash Extensions. Read More...

Volume Lash Extensions

Fuller more dramatic lash extensions.

Hybrid Mix Lash Extensions

Hybrid Mix Lash is a combination of both Classic and Volume techniques. This application is great for the person with a good amount of lashes and wants more drama than the classic’s offer. Read More...

Eyelash Tint - $25 (30 min)

Eye lashes tinted to a dark color for lasting results Read More...

Eyebrow Tint - $20 (15 min)

Darken brows with special brow and lash tint formula Read More...

Eyebrow Makeover - $35 (30 min)

Includes shaping, tweezing, trimming and tint.

Lash & Brow Tint - $40 (30 min)

Lashes and Brows tinted

Eyebrow Design - $20 (15 min)

Eyebrows waxed and tweezed to perfection

Lip - $15 (15 min)

Hair on the upper lip is removed.

Nose - $10 (15 min)

Nose hair just inside the nostril rim and the protruding from the nostril is removed with hard wax. Read More...

Chin - $20 (15 min)

Hair is removed from the chin and jaw line area

Full Face - $55+ (30 min)

Brows, Chin, Cheeks, Side burn & Lip are waxed making your face hair free for weeks. Read More...


Bikini line waxed $55+. Bikini cleanups are available only to existing clients scheduling every 4 weeks $40+ Read More...


First Brazilian will be $75+. Clean-ups are available only to existing clients scheduling regularly every 4 weeks. $60+ Read More...

Underarm - $20 (15 min)

Hair underarm is removed

Full Leg - $55+ (45 min)

Both legs are waxed

Full Leg with Bikini - $80+ (75 min)

Full leg and regular bikini area

Lower Leg or Upper Leg - $35 (45 min)

From knees down including toes for lower leg. Upper leg includes from the knee to top of thigh. (Does not include the bikini line).

Full Arm - $40 (45 min)

Full arm including fingers

Lower Arm - $25 (30 min)

Fore arm from the elbow down including fingers

Back/Chest - $60 (60 min)

Back or Chest

1/2 Back/Chest - $30 (30 min)

Partial back or chest

Sideburn - $20 (15 min)

Side burn area of face

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